The Solar Collar GPS Tracker was introduced in 2016, uses a standard SIM card and fits cattle, “Track your cattle 24/7” (Google, “Keep track of your cattle 24/7”.). The Solar Ear Tag fits all livestock cattle, sheep and goats, only 30g and uses a nano SIM card. We currently offer 2 types of Livestock GPS Trackers, one for the cattle and the other for goats/sheep. The devices are sim card based hence no limit. The price is once off.The airtime, SMS and data (to update regularly [50MB per month]) bundles will depend on how you use but very economical.  SMS and call alerts are important for alerts in the case of an emergency. You can still use the app, web platform to check and receive alarm notifications (free) on your mobile.  There are no set up costs,link device with phone (master controller number),ordinary/Smart phone can be used but smart phone has added advantage (app etc. [free]),offers real time tracking (Global Positioning System [GPS] and Location Based Services [LBS]),location history (grazing pattern or animal behaviour),zone Alerts (Geo Fence, Boundary Fence). Can set between 50 meters and 99 KM (safe area, danger zone on entering or leaving),SMS Commands from Master Number as well as online commands, Belt Anti-cut/remove alert.remote listening (for back ground sound, one can phone device and device can phone master number),shows location in map/satellite mode when tracking and where applicable live street view,battery % as well as battery low notification.


This type I s also part of an early warning system alerts owner via SMS/Call and Email. It can be linked with beams at your kraal and perimeter fence. – 4G SIM/WIFI Technology (5G on the way). – Neighbour type alarm system and can link up to 6 mobile numbers for alerts hence a neighbour alert function.  – Each zone alarm can be armed independently, tamper alarm SMS alerts. – Can be used simultaneously with your response/reaction security. – Supports Android and Apple software’s. – Timing arm alarm, arm delay can be set. – Remote arm, disarm, monitor through indoor camera. – 30 alarm records can be checked. – 10 wireless zones, 80 detectors and 2 wire zones – Built in high lithium battery in case of load shedding.Other accessories includes a smoke detector, gas detector (LCD), outdoor beams, outdoor camera, window beam detectors  as well as a ceiling detector.  


This is one of the best tech in early warning system. Where a criminal succeeds in gaining access to a perimeter, this cannot easily be by passed and will alert owner/law enforment just in time to either reinforce or call for backup. This can be used as a stand alone and linked directly to the strobe siren which is about 500 meters away. The types includes a 10 beam and 8 beam type with a height of 2 meters and 1.5 meters respectively – Detection distance for a pair is 500 meters (other options from 200 meters) – Can work independently as standalone without alarm support, but with a strobe siren a 1KM away. – One of the best tech in farm/rural perimeter protection as part of early warning system. – No false positives or negatives – Laser beam detector use close circuit transmission and no crosstalk with each other – Adoption to rough environments (-40 and 70 degrees Celsius). – Multi-beam detection system.


This part of early warning system is best for farm/rural areas especially for livestock as well as households. It offers the first line of defense hence helps one to better prepare for the intruder.The working length can be up to 10KM for effective shock results. – System is to prevent predators as well, control livestock and deny intrusion to criminals (worth repeating). The system can be be linked with alarm system to alert in case of an intrusion. – The poly wire/rope is visible to livestock and has a tensile strength hence cannot be broken – No injury just electric shock.Solar Energizer (solar panel 10W, 12Ah battery, stainless steel box, fence energizer), Poly wire/rope (diameter 6mm, length 500 meters, strength 240KG).


The system offer the best of both worlds especially the facial recognition type. We often think that criminals are sophisticated. Yes they maybe but only if we are using traditional security methods therefore they see a gap and opportunity. 

(1) Detection Type will detect a face and has very good resolution. Detection type also offers perimeter protection (alerted while intruder is outside fence). It can arm each alarm as required. It boasts of a very good night vision from 40m to 500m. The 8 channel CCTV camera NVR Detection type:     R29 500.00  and with facial: R48 500.00 16 channel CCTV camera NVR Detection type:   R52 500.00 and with facial:  R88 500.00

(2) Facial Recognition and Number Plate recognition Type in addition to the above, advanced Facial/Number Plate is part of a safer smart city/farm/rural/suburb solution. It alerts suspicious behaviour such as wearing of masks etc. Where intruder escapes and is blacklisted, alerts are made if he comes back or visits area with same CCTV system e.g. school, shopping mall, household etc. It will alert of first time visitors, can also help with sketches of unwanted personnel. Will alert number plate of stolen/hijacked vehicle or driven by wanted personnel Server system: from R45 500.00 Number plate recognition camera:   R13 500.00 Ultra Al performance CCTV camera: R39 500.00

(3) In addition is the 4G SIM/WIFI standalone solar CCTV cameras. These are very small to midsize. The functions also includes motion detection and alerting.


To make life difficult for a criminal, the long range thermal CCTV camera is the answer especially to detect intruders kilometres/miles away before they reach the target.The criminals outsmart law enforcement vehicle patrollers (response) because they know the officials cannot be at all places and this gives them a chance to pick a target. This tech aims to solve that and just one can make a difference in a radius of between 2KM to 20KM depending on the area covered. Where a lot of fuel is burnt patrolling, the official would just be alereted on the area to confront the intruders with backup. The functions include facial recognition, plate recognition, alarm alerts. It is worth mentioning that this a very effective tool to monitor or be alerted of what is happening in and around  your farm/rural etc. – The 5 types of thermal cameras we have weighs between 15KG, 20KG, 30KG, 50KG and 0.5 meter to 1 meter in height. Where they are challenges of signals, we no longer burden our clients with purchasing of boosters but work with network providers to assist in providing network boosters.This AI tech CCTV is most suitable in areas close to border areas, farm and rural areas. Patrollers can effectively use this with good results. Livestock rustlers can easily be picked before they even arrive and if they, before they can either drive livestock away or hack them.  Farmers/communities can rather contribute to have such to their advantage. It is work mentioning that it is better than a partrol vehicle by far.


One weakness we noted is that while we have all the tech, that is early warning and recognising intruders. It is important that Farmers also improve their communication with a “SMART Walkie Talkie” 4G POC radios.This add the effectiveness of fighting intruders in that upon recieveing an intrusion alert, just one button will alert neighbors (Group Call, individual call and all call) of an emergengy with the GPS real time location hence easier to gunner support as soon as possible. Where one suspects some unusual behaviour, he/she can easily alert those in the group. It is a metter of time before we introduce the 5G to move with times. It has an analog option hence even where one runs out of airtime and SMS bundles, those within a 10KM radius can still wake up to the emergency call. The price are R2500 and R3500. 


At times they have been unfortunate instances where law enforcenment/civilluians have been shot in the head, face etc. They immediately surrender because they know critical parts are not protected. The one who points first will have an advantage. This item protects the face hence a life saver for R9 500.00.


In addition to the above, this ensures that the head and face are protected thereby lessening fear on the part of the officer but creating fear on the part of the criminal. Going for R22 500.00.


This has an advantage in that it also covers the groin areas as well as the neck. The chances of surviving an ambush are now far greater than before. Get it for R22 500.00.


That is the best security that measure save most law enforcement’s lives. They say 7 to 9 out of 10 law enforcement officers who use this shield survive the lethal attack. Where a criminal points a gun at a law enforcement officer (ambush), obviously one react by looking at the perpetrator hence covering all angles for bullets to penetrate. The improvement on this will be a Taser tech just to give an added advantage of weakening the criminal to allow the officer to withdraw his/her firearm. One would assume hitting the pepetrator who has a gun with this item, the pain is far greater and would weaken him/her instantly. Priced R22 500.00


It is a necessary security measure just like the ballistic shield and can be the difference between life and death. This can be used to cover two (2) people as opposed to the hand shield. Priced R25 500.00



Mostly used by hunters to take out big game, no license needed but very lethal especially the 70lbs type. It can shoot with power for a range of between 30 meters to about 100 meters. It is very effective where one has a ballistic shield and you can easily match a criminal with a firearm.R4 500.00 (30lbs TYPE) and R9 500.00 (70lbs TYPE).


This is a useful self defense weapon and does not neet licensing. With the high levels of attacks, hijacks, murders etc, this is the right tool which can make the robber become the hunted.

Product 1         R15 500.00

TASER® PULSE+ is a subcompact electric control weapon (ECW) that utilizes new Noonlight technology that summons police if you are attacked. The app also uses your phone’s GPS so that the police know your exact location and can get to you in a hurry.

Product 2         R27 500.00

TASER® X26P discontinued model is identical to the current X26P carried by police, yet at a price which is less. The yellow color is ideal so the X26P and is not mistaken for a handgun.

Product 3        R54 500.00

TASER® X26P is currently issued to Police nationwide, fires up to 15 feet to subdue a suspect with electrical impulses that cause muscle contractions.

Product 4        R63 324.00


TASER® X2 holds dual air cartridges that shoot metal probes independently, which gives you a second chance to hit a target if you miss from 15 feet away.

Product 5        R5 500.00

TASER® 80 lumen rechargeable stun flashlight has dual activation switches to prevent accidental discharges when using it for striking.

Product 6        R1 950.00

Streetwise™ Barbarian extra long 19″ stun baton flashlight with superior Triple Stun Technology, discharges loud deterrent.

Some interesting functions are as follows:

  • Uses electrical impulses similar to your bodies to disable attackers
  • Will cause Neuromuscular Incapacitation and is not dependent on pain
  • Potential effects include falling to the ground, involuntary muscle contractions, freezing in place, vertigo, etc.
  • Electricity arcs through most clothing, and even some bullet-resistant materials
  • Uses Current Metering tech. to deliver optimal charges
  • Operate the ambidextrous safety from either side
  • Safety switch down means safe, up means armed

The taser gun is a law enforcement-grade self-defense weapon that fires electrical probes up to 15 feet away. The probes, once they successfully hit a target, emit shocks that are similar to a body’s natural electrical impulses. What this does, is it interrupts these impulses to cause a multitude of effects, including falling to the ground, involuntary muscle contractions, freezing in place, vertigo, ect..


Most used in retail shops and warehouse to prevent the criminal element from seing critical areas such as safes/vaults further causing panic. Part of early warning system and in houses would prevent criminals from seeing their intended target. Can linked to alarm system, CCTV system (AI with perimeter detection system, facial recognition system etc.). The fog which is non-toxic covers the house within 2 to 3 seconds. For R16 500.00 and R26 500.00


This is one our latest tech we are introducing to the retail industry. Life is made simpler in that the criminal/shoplifter is identified while in the act. Criminals use to distract cashiers and still from the tills. The tech has proved to reduce shoplifting by over 80% and is an effective tool for security officials to easily pick shoplifters.It also cut out inside job related incidents, bypassing tills or even stealing from tilss after distracting cashiers.


We do have a lot of Cash in Transit robberies in the country, we do have a truck suitable just for that as it makes “Mission/robbery Impossible Cash Van armoured Truck”. It offers quite a lot of security measures which our current ones don’t have and this tech will definitely make a big difference. We offer latest models and security layers are out of this World.   


The Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers a safer smart city tech and in additional to facial recognition, uses body analysis of suspicious behaviour thereby alerting the security officers in the cash vans, other law enforcement vehicle before the ambush happens. It is the same tech same tech we are also introducing in the retail industry.

The other advantage of this tech is that where inside job is suspected, it can easily be picked as the system has a tamper proof outer frame which can only be unlocked i.e. to change the hard drive (info can still be accessed online) in addition to a black box which save some info say in the case of fire.

While it is important for control room/command centre to monitor remotely, it is also important for security officials entrusted with guarding of the cash vans as in most cases they are just ambushed without knowing what is happening outside (especially those in the guard compartment). Communication between the driver and the one (s) in the compartment is crucial especially when under attack hence the importance of this. It is worth repeating that the officers in the truck do not have access to files (video and images) apart from monitoring and be aware of what is happening around them (360 degree view). An 8 channel CCTV Camera MDVR is provided with the security officials guard compartment and front driver compartment covered with 2 cameras each.

A further advantage of this is where criminals escape, where the tech picks their image (any vehicle with the same tech even of a competitor, a blacklist alert is made to control. It is even better if the shopping malls/businesses etc. have the same safer smart city tech (possible if big companies like yours work to achieve this. We have the Tech).   

Student ID GPS card

Suitable for school children, teriary students, workers and the elderly. It uses a nano sim card (suitable for all networks).
This is a good solution against human trafficking.
Functions includes:
– Real time trafficking 
Geo fence
– Auto voice recorder
– Can also be used tobtrack luggage and vehicle
– Emergence button linked to parent/guardian’s mobile number.
– 2000 mah Battery

CCTV 4G SIM/WIFI Safety Helmet

  • Gives coverage of the underground mining, construction sites as well as other areas of importance.
  • Also has a GPS function hence effective in emergency situations such s locating of miners incase of a mine collapse.
  • Provides clear picture to management on the area of work involved.
  • Can be monitored remotely.

We also assist with some other accessories such as:

  • Home solar lighting kits (especially for charging livestock GPS trackers including lighting)
  • Home solar system especially in remote areas where there is no electricity or for backup pruposes.
  • Solar refridgerators and freezers also essential for home use.
  • Rat/Rodent birth pill- Non posionus way of controlling rat infestation. The product ensures rats (both male and female) will never give birth once they eat this pill. The best modern way and proven way to control rat infestation.
  • Ceiling solar fan