Justice Maphosa, born in 1977 is the owner of Find Me Security Technology (Registration number: K2016086425) and is based in Norkem Park are of the greater Kempton Park. He has been in the security industry since 1999 as a worker in Industrial security, Aviation security (SAA and ACSA), Mining security and Farm security (Livestock GPS Trackers). The company is a Global player in latest security tech latest tech which can make a difference in a crime situation and mostly criminal activities Southern African countries face.The company is ahead of its time in that it uses products that have never been used before to tackle crime. 

A lot of research is done about our crime situation in South Africa and how best to eradicate such. We offer solutions including but not limited to livestock theft GPS Trackers (You can Google; “Keep track of your cattle 24/7”), cash in Transit state of the art armoured trucks, business/households early warning system, smart safer city Artificial Intelligence (AI) security tech.The biggest breakthrough came when a mining company employed him in 2008. The biggest challenge was to help stop the theft of Precious Group of Metals (PGMs) namely, Platinum, Gold and Palladium (most targeted).

 The company estimated that they were losing more than a thousand KGs of PGMs due to internal theft and of which some of their own security personnel were involved. The syndicate was very sophisticated and the company suffered huge losses as a result. If this was to continue, this meant the company would close. He was part of a successful team that came up with sophisticated tech which ensured that the company would be ahead of the criminal element. The gap was closed and the company returned back to profitable levels and we only witnessed acceptable losses of PGMs.

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