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Car DVR and Truck Bus MDVR Black Box

Mostly it is difficult to prove when a member is involved in an accident. Several cases have to go through the court especially when parties refuse to take responsibility. It is true to say in most cases, insurance cases end up paying where there are not supposed to pay. Imagine a driver who fell asleep/drunk/negligent and cause an accident but blames the other part. The above are the answers. The truck bus MDVR is even unique as owner/manager have control of the device and not the driver and in addition, has deterrence effect on would be criminals etc. 


Vehicle/Cargo/Asset GPS Tracker and Bicycle/Motorcycle GPS Tracker


It is a fact that criminals have found a way to bypass the tracking system. We have also found a way to stay ahead of the criminal element. The device is small (10 to 15 cm) and can be hidden anywhere in the vehicle and/or Cargo. The batteries unlike our mobile phone ones, are long lasting. Imagine having a second device in addition to the wire device which is easily cut by criminals. Its features are very unique (alerts functions) which is not the case with the tracking companies. Mostly we are shocked at realizing the car/goods is gone etc. and some chose not to report or just do it as an insurance requirement. How interesting when one tells the law enforcement, the location of the stolen item? 

Car GPS Tracker

 This new hi-tech standalone vehicle tracker will give you a peace of mind. Small (117*59*3 mm) and can be hidden anywhere out of reach of the criminal. Powerful magnet and long lasting battery (5000, 10 000, 15 000 and 20 000 mAh) which lasts from a year till years before re-charging. Waterproof hence can even be hidden under the vehicle etc. Locate via sms (locate address, locate map, on-line on and other functions), web free real time tracking. While shopping and/or sleeping, an instant call alert for anti-theft on sensing movement of your  vehicle/cargo/asset movement, forced door open, boot/bonnet open, windows broken as well as removing the wheel of your vehicle. Powerful build-in GPS/GPRS and Antenna hence can be hidden anywhere without affecting signals. SOS help emergency help button. Built in watch-dog to avoid system crash. Dismount SMS alert sensor. Built-in motion sensor and sleeping modes to save power. Web tracking is free and the owner can use multi mobile number as master controller. The use of airtime is sufficient for an SMS (locate address, locate map and other functions) and call alert  function hence a once off price for the device. 

Cattle/Horse/Sheep/Goats GPS Tracker 


Farmers have suffered huge financial losses due livestock theft. many insurance companies have been reluctant to insure livestock because there was no known device to protect animals against theft. My article on this was in the Farmers Weekly (19th February 2016 issue, page 59). There is a lot of research being done to ensure an improve version (4G LTE/5G or higher with a camera). Features associated with the device can make us proud as livestock thieves will seek a less hazardous way.  This new hi-tech security gadget is the answer to a livestock theft and will ensure rustlers seek a hazardous way.
Home Alarm System


There is still a gap on home alarm system as some cannot afford the  monthly subscription of security response system. On the attach, the info short is that the device is a community alarm system in that anybody in the neighborhood with such an alarm will pick up an intrusion from their neighbor's property (wireless no charges). it is a very good product for community forums (exclusive to Find Me Security Technology). 
Note all products above are once off, hence owner/manages and takes charge. We can always manage all our devices from a central database 




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