Find "me" Security Technologies           

Welcome to Find ME Security Technologies!!!


At Find Me Security Technology we offer security related products to ensure protection of assets, property and livestock as well as tracking. Our products ensure that our customers are pro-active to a large extent.

The products we offer for property ensure layers of security hence alerted while the criminal attempts to breach the first layer. The same applies in tracking where one is alerted in attempts for example in forcing the doors of a car open hence alerted. There is no surprise in finding your vehicle gone at the parked area but with Findmesectech devices you will receive alerts on the fly.  

We always do research and development on current criminal trends therefore we are always ahead of the criminal in the products we offer and we always modify to ensure criminals do not out smart us.


We also ensure affordability in that there are no monthly subscription fee on our products, only a once off. On our products like the alarm system come our through a thorough research that most communities do not have the technology to unite them in fighting against crime hence were prone to crime. Our 3G community home alarm system which now enables communities have each other’s back.

Our product list include the Cattle/Animal, Horse and Sheep/Goat/Pig GPS Tracker, Vehicle/Asset/Cargo GPS Tracker, Truck/Bus MDVR Black Box, Vehicle Dashboard DVR Black Box, Driver Fatigue Alarm System, Community 3G Home Alarm System, Wireless Video CCTV Transmission System and the Electric Steel/Rope Fence powered by either the ESKOM electricity supply or the solar supply. The signal extenders are also offered especially in remote areas hence devices such as GPS trackers are used effectively. 



We make sure that criminals abandon hazardous ways of living for legal ways. We close the opportunity gap for criminals!!